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Who is Marketplace Niagara?

Marketplace Niagara is a business platform designed for promoting small local businesses from the Niagara region to the Niagara region.

How did Marketplace Niagara start?

It started after the discovery that many new small businesses have the motivation to promote themselves locally but don’t understand how search engines work and the important role they play in the success of their business.

What does Marketplace Niagara actually do?

With this platform Niagara businesses can write articles promoting their products or services as the solution to their customers problems through knowledgeable articles.  An example is a travel business who writes an article about the best places to hide your wallet while on vacation, while promoting themselves as the solution for booking a vacation in the same article.

How does Marketplace Niagara work?

When a business provides an article it will be edited to ensure both readability and search engine optimization are integrated which then increases the potential that the content is socially shared and the link to their website is of high quality.