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Fan and Feather at Atrium Spa in Fort Erie

Okay picture this, your alarm doesn’t go off, you have 10 minutes to get ready for work, you panic, you tell yourself there is no way I’m going to be ready in time. Then you look in the mirror and the biggest sign of relief waves over you. Why? You have a full set of long thick volume lashes, and your brows are sculpted so beautifully makeup couldn’t dare compete.

This right here is the feeling Mari at fan and feather has given me way too many times to count. Nothing says put together quite like a good set of lash extensions, and I can confidently say once you try them, you are hooked, especially when it comes to finding  the perfect lash artist, it’s a match made in heaven. I wrote this review of her services and if you’re interested in knowing more about me check out at tarynedmondson on Instagram!

So what are lash extensions? And why is everyone so obsessed with them!

Lash extensions

Lash extensions are the process of adhering a single lash onto your existing lash to extend the look of your natural lashes making them appear thicker and longer. This process is similar to fake nails or even hair extensions. Your lashes will grow out and fall out naturally over time and that’s when you would book in for your next “fill” (usually 2-3 even 4 weeks depending on your lash cycle).

This process isn’t a short one, but when you have someone as detailed and precise as Mari at fan and feather, it’s basically the best excuse to come in for a well deserved nap, and waking up feeling like a million dollars, literally.

Mari is someone I have been seeing for my lashes for over 2 years now. I can confidently say she is the most detail orientated lash artist i have been to.  The way she is able to work around your eyes so closely without you feeling a single thing is quite impressive.

Certified Aesthetician

Eyelash Extension

She started her lash journey in 2017, so with 4 years of experience around peoples eyes, this doesn’t come as a surprise. Her ability and passion for the industry is everything you would want in a lash artist. Although her talents don’t stop at lashes, she is a certified aesthetician of 5 years which provides a great sense of comfort knowing she has the background and knowledge of not only how to make your lashes look incredible, but how to keep a sanitary environment and how to approach each individual’s skin care needs and concerns.  

Now if you thought waking in and out with new lashes was amazing, you do not want to miss out on her ability to sculpt your brows. I swear this woman is a triple threat. She offers microblading, microshading, brow lamination, and tinting. Whatever the new trend may be, you can guarantee she has signed up to learn to help her clients achieve whatever look they desire.

Microblading Fort Erie


Microblading is another service of hers I have tried for my sad thin and patchy brows, and I can say with confidence it is worth it.

Microblading may seem scary, but it’s similar to a tattoo, just not with the life time commitment, and thank god for that seeing brow trends change so frequently, it’s the best option for something long lasting, but also doesn’t give you the fear of forever. Results last anywhere from 1-3 years with a free touch up included in her pricing, and lets be real, who wouldn’t want to never have to fill in their brows again? She has shaved off several minutes of my morning and I can truly thank her for all the extra sleep I now get.

What can you expect when waking in to your appointment with Mari?

You can expect her to greet you at the door just inside of the beautiful Atrium Spa in Fort Erie. Paperwork in hand and your very own pink pen to keep with you after you’ve completed all the necessary health history she needs to insure you are well taken care of.

Her room on the upper level of the Spa is beautifully decorated and comfortable surrounded with all her certificates that prove her to be overly qualified for the job. Her bed is able to adjust to your liking so no worries about back pain; she has you covered in every aspect.

Speaking of every aspect covered, she provides at home after kits for your lash service to help your lashes last as long as they look. In this kit she provides a aftercare card, Xtreme lash cleanser, cleansing brush, lash wands, compact mirror, and a lash extension friendly eye serum all for 25$ in a wipe-able pouch that is perfect for travel.

Xtreme lash cleanser

If there is one thing I know she will stress, it’s the importance of keeping your extensions clean. Everything in this kit will help the longevity of your lashes, and after spending the time and money, it’s a crucial step to insure they last beautifully until you need a fill.

Niagara College Aesthetics Graduate

Mari at fan and feather can be found just inside the doors of the Atrium spa in Fort Erie on 31 Jarvis Street where she has worked as an aesthetician and lash artist since graduating from the aesthetics program at Niagara College, known to be one of the most credited schools for aesthetics, the quality of her work and rapport with clients is worth visiting at least just once.

Whether it’s for special event, vacation, or just simply because you want to treat yourself, her small business is something to definitely experience for yourself. There is no better feeling than sitting up from her bed and being handed her pink mirror, and seeing all of the hard work she put in to make you feel so special. Whether its lashes, brows, or even something as simple as a wax, I can honestly say you will not walk out disappointed.

She can be found on Instagram at fanandfeather, or Facebook under lash+brow artistry at Atrium spa.

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