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Who is Blush Organics?

My name is Donna Warren and I started Blush Organics as a small business to build upon and to keep me busy as I near retiring from my factory job. I have always been an artsy type and I don’t think that there is a craft project out there that I haven’t tried.

When I was thinking about a small business that I wanted to be involved with I just naturally leaned towards creating bath bombs. I love making them! It gives me a creative outlet for some artsy stuff and the possibilities of what I can create are endless.

Blush Organics pink bath bombs

Quality Bath Bombs

My recipes have been changed and tweaked over the years to create a product that I am proud to make and to sell. I use high quality ingredients and source organic components when that is possible. The most important aspect for me is creating a bathing experience that people enjoy.  

I started making bath bomb a few years ago as special gifts for birthdays and for Christmas. My family and friends really enjoyed using them and told me how much they loved them and the special personal touches that I included with them. My great nieces are both girlie girls so for them the answer was glitter and lots of it.

They would be so happy to use the bath bombs and have so much color and so much glitter. The girls loved it but their mother was not so thrilled. I believe that she said that it looked like a unicorn had been sick in her bathtub.

The Blush Organics Story

When I first started the business in November 2020 I thought that I may sell about 40 for Christmas. Well, I sold over 500! I was not ready for that and I had a lot of sleepless nights in order to fill all of those orders. I look back on that month of crazy manic bath bomb making and laugh. I hope that I am a little better prepared for this coming holiday season.

Since then I have modified my formulas a little bit. There is still a lot of glitter in some of the children’s bath bombs that I create but now it stays in the water and doesn’t stick to the tub. That is a winning combination for everyone.

Blush Organics starwars bath bombs

For the adults in my life I enjoy creating bath bombs with a little bit less flare but an enjoyable experience just the same. I use more subtle colors and botanicals and essential oils in a lot of them. I have gotten many compliments about how pretty my bath bombs are.

I strive to make each of them each a little bit different and pretty in their own way. I wrap each one in biodegradable shrink wrap. This allows them to be environmentally friendly and to also smell good. I have had some customers that leave a bath bomb in their car or closet because it makes it smell nice. 

Blush Organics Growth

The growth of Blush Organics has been wonderful and I have enjoyed every moment. So, I have decided to give back to my community. I have recently started to produce a pink ribbon bath bomb and all of the proceeds from the sales of it will be donated to cancer research.

I have grown my product line over time as I have gained knowledge and experience making products. I created some things for the folks out there that don’t like to bathe but prefer to shower. I have shower soothers and steamers that create an aromatherapy experience and have started recently making shower bombs. A shower bomb is like a bath bomb that you wash with. It leaves your skin soft and silky and you get that lovely scent of bath bomb. 

My product line also includes sugar scrubs, loofah soap, shampoo bars, bubble bath , lotion bars and most recently pedicure kits. I am not exactly sure where this road is going to take me but so far the journey has been awesome. 

Blush Organics orange and blue bathbombs

Community Involvement

I have been a part of some artisan craft shows over the summer at the Everyday Market in Fonthill and have some of my product line at Handmade Presence in Garrison Village in Niagara on the Lake. My full line of products can be seen on my website. It has been a challenge to make everything and establish a web presence at the same time but it has been interesting.

I am looking forward to doing some fall artisan markets. It has been so much fun to get out there and meet new people and to get to put a face to a name for some of the people that have ordered things from me online.

I am also going to join forces with a woman’s committee at work and hope to sell a lot of them . I think that if you are part of a community then you should also be a part of helping it grow and become a little bit better. If we all work together then we can make big things happen. Covid has changed a lot of things in our community and around the world. In some ways it has given us a new way of looking at things and a new way to manage our everyday lives. 

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