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Who is Hometown Life Insurance?

Hometown Life Insurance is a Niagara-based insurance brokerage that has modernized and simplified the insurance experience. We start by understanding your current and future needs to determine how insurance could provide you and your family with peace of mind. Through digital advancements, and building a team of licensed professionals, Hometown Life Insurance provides exceptional service that makes getting insurance coverage easy!

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Our Hometown Life team has a great depth of knowledge and experience, with a history of providing clients with tailored insurance plans to meet their unique needs. Coming from a closely-knit community like Niagara, we understand that the residents of our local communities want to work with a local business that they can trust.

We work with residents of Niagara to create awareness of the importance of proper insurance planning and facilitate the products and services to make that goal a reality. Gone are the days where insurance is a confusing and long-drawn-out process. We know that life insurance can be in the back of your mind, but never gets acted on. We’ve built a process that will make it as quick and easy as it can be, and it’s only going to continue to get better!

If you are in the market for life insurance, disability insurance, critical illness insurance, or group benefits, you do not want to be spending your valuable time comparing pricing from different companies. As an independent brokerage, we search the market for you to find the most competitive offering from any of Canada’s top insurance companies. We want you to experience the Hometown Life difference today!

Why We Love it Here in Niagara

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We think there is no better place to live and work than right here in Niagara. The Niagara Region is home to a wide range of rural and urban communities that embrace their hometowns. Our company and our team have a strong connection with the people of Niagara, as most of our team is born and raised right here!

We love living in Niagara because there is so much to do here! Whether you are looking to spend your time admiring the abundance of beautiful scenery, browsing many historic sites, shopping areas, wineries, festivals, or markets, you won’t want to leave. Our Hometown team loves to get out to enjoy all what Niagara has to offer. The local food scene, wineries, nature areas, and golf courses are some of the best in Canada!

In fact, we see a lot of people looking to make Niagara their home because of all Niagara has to offer!

Why Should You Review Your Insurance When Moving to Niagara?

Making the move to a new community is a big step for you and your family. If you are looking to lay down roots in Niagara, it may mean moving to a new home, a new job, or planning to grow your family.

All these major life milestones are important reasons to complete a review of your insurance needs. At an already busy time of transition, too many people put insurance on the backburner, leaving themselves and their families at risk if something were to happen.

Why Should I Work with Hometown Life?

The good news is that reviewing your insurance needs doesn’t have to be time consuming or difficult. In fact, our process at Hometown Life is focused on making it simple and efficient for our clients. Here are some of the ways that we make it easy for you to find your perfect coverage:1. We are a life insurance brokerage.

1 – We are a life insurance brokerage.

Being a brokerage means that we are independent of the insurance companies that offer the coverage. This allows us to survey the market for the best coverage for your needs and provide you with an unbiased recommendation. We represent all of Canada’s top insurance companies, for all your life, disability, critical illness, and group insurance needs.

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2. Our process is digital.

The entire process of finding the right amount of coverage, getting a quote, and applying for coverage, can all be done without leaving your home. Our online digital platform ensures that you can secure coverage without having to complete an in-person meeting with an advisor.

3. A team of licensed professionals to support you.

Although you can complete the process online, we still have a team of licensed professionals that are prepared to answer any questions and help you through the process, whenever you need us. We also support our clients as their needs change over time, and of course, at the time of claim.

4. Office locations throughout Niagara.

Even though our process is focused on providing insurance without visiting an office, you will find our Hometown Life offices located throughout Niagara. Our main office location is in Fonthill, but we also have locations in Grimsby, Beamsville, and even in the neighbouring community of Dunnville.

5. Focus on your customer experience.

When dealing with other insurance brokerages or advisors, you may find that they don’t provide you with service after your policy is put into force. This is especially true if they spend most of their time focusing on their largest clients. At Hometown Life, we ensure that we stay in touch with you throughout the lifetime of your policy, to ensure that your coverage is still meeting your needs. A lot can change in your life, and it’s important that you work with an insurance brokerage that helps you stay on top of those changes!

Final Words

Whether you are a lifelong Niagara resident, or new to the area, we want to ensure that you and your family are covered. Our team of friendly, licensed professionals are happy to complete a complimentary insurance review with you to ensure peace of mind for your future, here in Niagara! Contact us at our website or check out our Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn pages for more details!

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