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We love connecting with anyone in the Niagara area about any questions or comments they have for Marketplace Niagara.  All of your questions or comments are considered and when appropriate we will reply back!

Common Questions

How can I be involved?

  • If you are a local business or blogger you can apply to be a part of our platform!  All the articles that are published will remain indefinitely.

How can I build my business with the platform?

  • Building an online business takes a lot of steps as you know.  The most overlooked ones is how a business grows themselves online as many people still don’t know exactly how that is done.  By sharing your knowledge on our site and promoting yourself, you will be able to put that knowledge in front of local readers and increase your potential for leads while also getting a strong link to your website which helps you when people use search engines to find products and services.

Can I suggest other businesses to join?

  • Any Niagara region based business can join as that’s our sole purpose.  We get requests from businesses outside of the Niagara region who would like to be a part of this initiative but regrettably we cannot accept them.